Tuesday, August 3, 2010

revival and total elation

Been away for quite sometime. Alot have happened since the last I was here. But what's the point on counting the wasted days if you can start looking forward in filling in this shabby dilapidated (-not to mention outdated) niche when time arises to do so.

In any case I won't make any stupid promises (much to what I did previously) that I will slave myself in drowning my precious page with updates or senseless thoughts for that matter day in day out. Currently, it doesn't work that way anymore. Let's keep this free flowing shall we? I have a life to live and a bunch of mouths to feed so let me jot that down on top of my list before anything else.

Now's the perfect time to dust off the dashboard cos here I go again..

Monday, December 8, 2008

creeps. trying. day jobs and freakin employers

I have a stalker.

Maybe I'm just exaggerating a little but it sure feels like it. Last saturday, as I was slaving my way during pm shift a staff from Planet Fitness called me to spill the surprise of a lifetime that I availed myself of a 1-week full access of all the equipments and sessions at the gym free of charge. Neat, no? But ok, the oddest thing is (note that i am using the word odd and not creepy as i consider the latter a bit over the top), the guy I spoke with said that a gym member gave them my name so as for me to enjoy the privilege of pumping my way out of flabbiness. But wtf?! In the first place, i dunno any fucking one that goes to the gym and second, whoever said I needed any gym or DUMBels for that matter to tone my already... ehem... perfect physique? I mean seriously! And oh, the guy was Filipino. Hmmm, I smell something pishy here. But anyways, as I haven't lost my decency (not yet tho) I went on with the conversation and he was like setting me a session for today. The appointment was for me to go at the gym supposed to be at 3pm this afternoon. So I feigned to agree and we ended our conversation there. Btw, i asked him if he knwe the person who gave my name to them but he just said he only took my name from reception and he doesn't have any idea about who it was. Ok, so I really wanted to make sure if it was true, so I checked the gym's site online, and lo and behold, the number he used was actually the same as that of the gym. So I thought it's legit. Then monday came which is today. I was rudely awakened by a freakin 10am phone call by Mr. Filipino Guy, now with a name, Thomas, reinforming me of my session this afternoon. The interesting part is, he was using his personal number. And I was like, wtf is this? And I said yes I'll try to make it this afternoon but whole truth is I'm hesitating. So 3pm came and I finally decided not go as I thought it was just a ploy for him to rape me. Instead went to my sister's place and stayed there the whole time. And he called me twice using his handphone and twice using the gym's number. Now, it totally gave me the creeps, so I didn't pick-up. I only sent an SMS like half an hour after to tell him that I couldn't make it. And he replied back by saying he could reschedule me for tomorrow. I didn't return his msg and I'm pretty much sure that I am not going to the gym tomorrow or anytime. I'm not gonna risk it. Creepy.

Anyways I'm currently pretty much pissed bcoz up until now my company haven't upgraded me yet which translates to me not getting my increment. Yay me! I'm supposed to be enjoying the full benefits of my being an EN now or even 4 months ago but noooooooo! Those fucking people up there has too many asses to think about that they left me in the comforts of the skid row. They're so high on their fucking horses that they don't see the needs of their mere employees. As much as I would love to love my job, I just can't. The only string that keeps me from hanging is the promotion. And as soon as I get it, it's au revoir! I need money to feed my family, Ok?! I didn't come here all the way from the third world for charity.

So yea...

That's all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

hey hey heypi birthday

So I had my birthday last week. Not that it's something I have to be proud of. I mean getting old, but celebrating it with friends is the part that I liked most about it. We had a simple celebration at home with my friends that afternoon but I couldn't post pictures of it here for some reasons that I can't disclose.hehe But anyways, that night I had dinner with a friend in Vivo City. As we don't have any definite place in mind to pig out we settled on this newly opened japanese place called Japanese Restaurant Town. It's actually made up of 3 restaurants (Ajisen Ramen and the other 2 that I forgot the names). And this is what I ate...

Sa-chu Ramen
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It actually tastes nice but it is too spicy for my taking. But still I finished it.hehe

Seafood Okos
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It's one of those jap-western fusion food they serve. The consistency and the look of the food follows that of the traditional omelet only they added some japanese touch to it. I didn't really like the brown sauce on top because it tasted sour & weird for me, but the tartar sauce complimented well with the okos.

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Erm, that's me trying hard to finish my okos. On my right is a glass of mango lassi. Again, it's peculiar why they serve it there given that lassi is an Indian drink. But anyways, it was nice.

Japanese Caesar's Salad
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This was my favorite and I finished every tiny bit of morsel there is.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I didn't really liked the okos as you can see.

So yea, all in all IMO the food was mediocre except for the salad that I enjoyed a lot and the ramen if only the spices were tamer. Asked if I would still go back? They gave me a discount voucher that I could claim the next I visit so probably yes. But after that, I think I'll pass.:)

The company I'm with was the best tho.

Friday, November 14, 2008

going under water

Was reading the paper today and saw an article regarding Maldives' attempt for an insurance policy against climate change. A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) as they call it about investing the nation's money for land to relocate its citizens in the future. The country is one of a handful that is being threatened of its existence due to global warming and rising sea levels.

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As ambitious as it may sound, they are planning to divert billion of dollars from tourism revenue to buy land for the people to live in in the future. It is a stark reality that global warming imposes to this low-lying island in the Indian Ocean that in 100 years, with the current rate of rising sea levels, the entire archipelago will be totally submerged as what studies have said, living its people homeless and potential refugees. I guess this is the best way they could think of for now as a long-term solution to the burgeoning probability of losing their own country. The saddest part is that, it is being left to fend for itself when the country didn't even have much of a key role on climate change in the first place. It is just another victim of global warming caused by rich nations.

Sad, but true.
This is really some kind of a wake-up call for everyone that climate change is something sensible and destructive awaiting to happen. I mean it is already happening. But as much as it is already right infront of our doorsteps, we could still overturn it, before we have to suffer with the ill-consequences that treads with it. We can think of anything to help even in our own little way right? Say increasing your aircon temp to 25 instead of fullblasting it to the lowest. Or reusing your shopping bag. Or what about planting a tree? The point is, we know what to do but we lack the initiative to do it because currently we don't 'see' the obvious effects of global warming.

Plus, I still want to go to the Maldives in the future ok? And laze on its gorgeous beaches! So seriously, don't let it happen.hehe

Anyways potential countries where they could buy land are Sri Lanka and India as both countries share quite similar culture, cuisine & tradition as that of Maldives and Australia due to it's massive amount of unoccupied land. But yea, let's just hope for the better I guess.


In a lighter note, it's Happy Birthday for Prince Charles.

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(photo courtesy of hellomagazine.com)

He's turning 60 today making him the oldest current heir to the throne. The question is, when will Queen Elizabeth finally realize that she's too old and soggy to rule the kingdom and pass the crown to her eldest son?

Still in the royal front, Bhutan had just recently crowned its new king. I dunno about you but Bhutan is some country that I would want to visit in the future. That's after I figure out where to get my resources for the trip.

I can't think of anything more to write for now, as u would notice with this crappy entry. But oh well, just for the sake of having something to post.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

it's the gents turn

As the ladies of WTA had just entered the final rounds in Doha (Venus will play Zvonareva for the SE Championships title), I'm trying to taper down my excitement but today ladies & gents is the start of the ATP Tennis Masters Cup 2008 in China. This will be the last time that the year-end tourney will be staged in the ultramodern Qi Zhong Stadium in Shanghai before moving to The O2 in London and will be renamed ATP World Tour Finals next year. Yay!

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(from L-R: Davydenko, Simon, Murray, Djokovic, Federer, Tsonga, Del Potro)

Ok, that's the official portrait for this year. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... hey wait a minute! What happened to Andy Roddick? Did they mistakenly photochopped him out? Or maybe he was too busy philandering with Brooklyn Decker (isn`t she hot or what). Anyways, I`ve gotta give the men props for looking neat and crisp with the coat & tie. A far cry from what they usually look on court. Is that Muhammad Al... ahhh it`s Tsonga.

Alright, here`s some short facts about them players.
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Roger Federer (SUI)
- defending champion, chasing his 5th Masters Cup to level with the all time title matrix of Sampras and Lendl.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Novak Djokovic (SRB)
- first Serbian to win a Grand Slam (Australian Open `08), 0-3 record in this tournament

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Andy Murray (GBR)
- first appearance at Tennis Masters Cup, ranked number 4 in the world, runner-up US Open `08

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Nikolay Davydenko (RUS)
- 4th straight appearance, best showing was a semifinal exit last 2005

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Andy Roddick (USA)
- 6th time he had qualified for the circuit finale but never been passed the semifinals in 3 occasions (`03, `04, `07)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA)
- marks his debut at the season-ender, Paris Masters winner

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Juan Martin del Potro (ARG)
- first appearance, the youngest on the field, currently number 8 in the world

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gilles Simon (FRA)
- Nadal`s replacement, one of 3 players who have beaten the top 3 players this season

With the absence of world number one Nadal this year who pulled out from the event the last minute due to tendonitis and fatigue, Federer will let out a little sigh of relief as the road to the year-end title is slightly paved on his way. But still, he`s left with an uphill battle with the pack as everyone is hungry for the last points up for grabs of the season and the cup itself.

Again, matches will start today at 2pm (Shanghai Time). And for further info check the official site of the Masters Cup and your local listings for tv schedules.

Predictions: Murray Murray Murray!

Friday, November 7, 2008

i'm a baby daddy

I was browsing BB's blog lastnight when her recent entry caught my eye. She had her photo morphed with certain designers & models (ie Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Kyle the-model-i-dunno-his-fullname, etc) to create a virtual baby. And the results are quite funny and interesting. So i decided to do my own as well (i know i know I'm a copycat!) But anyways, here are my babies with famous people.

My baby with Jessica Alba
Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby

my son with Britney
Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby

my son with Blake Lively from GG
Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby

and my cute little boy with Halle
Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby
Is it just me or my kids with Britney & Blake kinda resemble each other and look like twins.haha Hahay, I can't stop laughing the first time I saw the results. It's just fucking hilarious. And oh, i did try my luck with Sharapova, Natalie Portman, and Anne Curtis (say who?!) but the results came horrible. So I decided not to post them as they are but a blow to my already deflated ego.

So anywhoos, aren't they the cutest? Lemme know what you think about my kids.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sony Ericsson Championships 2008

The courts of the Khalifa International Tennis Complex in Doha are freshly painted & are well ready for the world's top 8 female tennis players...

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(from L-R: Jankovic, Safina, S. Williams, Ivanovic, Dementieva, Kuznetsova, V. Williams, Zvonareva)

Yes, we've come to the season-ending Sony Ericsson Championships 2008 to be staged for the first time in the capital city of Qatar - Doha after it was held in Madrid for the last 2 years. Eight of the best tennis players in the world will slug it out to win the prize money of US$1.34 million.

But there's one sorely missing from the field. Yes. Sadly, My Maria Sharapova withdrew to the event coz she's currently nursing a right shoulder injury she sustained in Montreal that also made her withdrew from the Olympics and US Open. Sniff sniff..:(

I dunno about you, but a season-ender is not a season-ender without her playing in it and the grunting/squeal/shriek/scream/howl/screech or whatever you call it will be awfully missed. Point is, the intensity, the variety, the game, THE EVENT is not as entertaining as it might be if MaSha ain't gonna play. Like who's there to watch? That fatty Ivanovic? Puh-lease, I'm not gonna even go there. Or Dementieva with her pair of humungous thighs? Or Kuznetsova? Man, seriously somebody should've reminded HIM that the ATP Masters Cup is in Shanghai. Well, anyways I guess I just have to settle with the Williamses (minus Serena's lumpy Jugs), Vera and Dinara.

On second thought, I think the line-up of this year is a tad interesting. Come to think of it, there's enough personality in there to keep me satisfied. It's worth it, maybe. Not to mention the way the draw was made.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jankovic & Ivanovic found themselves together in White Group while the Williams sisters are in Maroon Group. Should be interesting.

Anyways, it's a 6-day event ending on 110908 for the finals.

Prediction: Hmmm... a bit tricky. But I'm rooting for a Williams or Safina to win.

See you in Doha kids!